Michelle Smith

The Coffee News has brought our family many fun times and memories. When we went out to eat we would all pick a copy of the Coffee News up. My stepson would read the trivia questions to my husband and I and we would see who would get the most answers right. My husband always won. We would also all try to find the coffee guy, which my stepson always won. This was always fun and a great experience for our family to share time together. My husband passed away in May. My stepson and I still make sure we have this special moment and grab the Coffee News. It is not only a great memory for us, but fun. Although, I can't do the trivia section like he did. Thank you Coffee News, for giving my family wonderful memories.

 Michelle, South Lyon

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Orange Cube Group

The Orange Cube Group is a Web Development and Online Marketing Firm that does business differently. We start by not reinventing the wheel but building on what others have done before us. This means that we go out and find preexisting tools and change them to bring about the desired result. This enables us to move quicker, charge less, and bring about a better result. The Orange Cube Group can only make this system work because of the group of people that we work with. This group model lets us work with 12 different people that each specialize in a unique areas, such as; cyber security, google marketing, or flat graphics. Because of our group, we are able to work with experts in each field only when we need to. The cost of your project is based only on what your project entails., not what we need to meet our bottom line. The foundation of the group began with Spencer Field's experience in a political marketing firm during the 2012 elections cycle where he learned the power of a online sales funnel. After completing his BSBA in Business Entrepreneurship in 13 months, he went on to found the Orange Cube Group in March 2015. From the foundation, he has focused on creating a team of people that know how to find, modify, and use tools to help clients reach measurable goals.