What Are Coffee News Distributors?

Distributors are part of the reason Coffee News is so successful! Coffee News is a weekly, category-exclusive publication. We sit out wherever people are waiting – restaurants, doctors offices, car washes, vet clinics, schools, libraries, etc. These are almost all places where people are waiting while spending disposable income, the exact and often elusive category of consumers that businesses look to target.

Benefits of being a Distributor.  


Weekly & Fresh: Coffee News is delivered to your location, available for your customers at no charge to you.  


It's Fun! New fun facts, trivia questions, horoscopes, jokes and area events are served hot off the press every week!.  Need a refill, just let us know!


Community Impact: We're supported by local business advertisers(also your potential customers) - but never a competitor to your restaurant!

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Less 'Clutter': Small enough to be read with one hand,  read Coffee News leaves the other free; and our stand uses very little space.

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Improves Service: Offering your clients a mental Coffee break while waiting improves their perception of your service!


No Bat-Phone Needed: We're a phone call, email, tweet, or Message away!


About Becoming A Distributor 

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Coffee News is now in its ninth year. While Coffee News is well anchored into the Communities listed, we are always seeking new locations, and distributors are still being sought. If you're interested in providing Coffee News to your customers, please call us at (734) 268-6187, or use the Contact Us form.


Current Distributors