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What is Coffee News?

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Coffee News Interview

Just another good reason to read the Coffee News every week! Each week we hide a little "Coffee News Man" in one of the ads. Find him and you can enter to win $50 and a gift certificate from one of our participating distribution partners. Play weekly and increase your chances of winning! Drawing is monthly. Good Luck!

What is Coffee News?

Coffee News is an entertaining weekly publication delivered to restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, hospitals, etc. — anywhere people go to eat or where they have to wait — with the week's funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and more.

Full of positive, fun stories and trivia, Coffee News was designed as an alternative to expensive traditional print advertising. Take a few moments to explore our site and read more about Coffee News and its unique benefits to advertisers and restaurants.

Everything in Coffee News is fun and entertaining — no bad news here. It is a big breath of fresh air to millions of readers who are tired of hearing only bad news.

Coffee News is positive. It provides the "other side of the news" — something that makes people SMILE!

Over 1100 editions of Coffee News are printed every week across 35 Countries! You can join the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy reading Coffee News each week.

Where can I get more information about Coffee News?

For more information on becoming an Advertiser in the Coffee News, feel free to contact us at 734.268.6187, or use the Contact Us form, on this website.

Creating Memories With Coffee News...

The Coffee News has brought our family many fun times and memories. When we went out to eat we would all pick a copy of the Coffee News up. My stepson would read the trivia questions to my husband and I and we would see who would get the most answers right. My husband always won. We would also all try to find the coffee guy, which my stepson always won. This was always fun and a great experience for our family to share time together. My husband passed away in May. My stepson and I still make sure we have this special moment and grab the Coffee News. It is not only a great memory for us, but fun. Although, I can't do the trivia section like he did. Thank you Coffee News, for giving my family wonderful memories. — Michelle, South Lyon

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