What is Coffee News?

Coffee News is a weekly entertainment publication delivered to near 300 locations in Livingston County and West Oakland County. Full of positive news, trivia, fun facts and a weekly contest, Coffee News is designed as an alternative to expensive traditional print advertising.


Tell Me More About Coffee News

Coffee News is the world’s Largest restaurant publication. You’ll find our friendly little brown paper in restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, libraries and lobbies in over 16 countries. Millions of people read Coffee News worldwide!

Everyone loves the fun mix of news, trivia, horoscopes and humor each edition of Coffee News provides. Coffee News is published weekly.

Each edition is customized for the communities it serves, and contains 32 advertisements for small to medium-sized businesses in those communities. Each advertisement is category-exclusive and is custom made for the business that placed the ad.


Coffee News Advertisers 

Coffee News® provides local effective, exclusive and affordable advertising to small and medium-sized businesses. With a new issue every week, your ad will be seen again and again by customers in your area!


Coffee News Distributors

Coffee News is distributed mainly at restaurants throughout the area. Coffee News encourages customers to return to enjoy the next issue, which can help the restaurant add to it's steady clientele. Below are some of our current locations.